Naïve friendship (english version)

Last week started in The CW the show The Carrie diaries, the prequel of Sex in the City. Freaking obsessed with it since the first ten minutes, I couldn't help to avoid looking for that folder full of essays and writings that I started when I decided I wanted to be like Carrie, or at least, write like her, 'cause in all truth, I've always been a Charlotte.  

So, going trough all the stuff I wrote, I found essays about love, friendship and all the typical teenage topics. Some of them need to be updated with knowledge I've achieved trough the years, others are as childish as "the fat rat sat on the mat", but there are others idealistic and naïve, with that ingenuousness we can only find in the mind of those too young to understand life is not a movie. This one below is one of them: innocence? Maybe. Truth? Hope so.

Pepa. xx

Love is overrated. ¿Who is by your side unconditionally when something goes wrong? Your friends. And you may have THAT person that you think will be always by your side, but let's be honest, how many people we thought would be "the ones" have we met? However, who has been always there, no matter the time? Herein lies the difference. So, shouldn't be friendship more important than love?
There are millions of reason. A friend will never change you for other person, you can talk about anything being sure you won't be judged, they will give you their opinion without getting you mad, they will argue and then make up without wavering or playing hard, because a real friendship always survive to angryness. Can we say the same about all relationships?
Of course we all want that "someone" who makes us feel special, wonderful, unique...but, how many someones will we need to realise that friends are who make us grow? They are those who are there to avoid the unavoidable "I told you", and pick the pieces when a some someone doesn't believe in our specialness, wonderfulness and uniqueness.
Then, why are we so focused in the search of love? What if our half an orange turns out to be our very best friend, who has always been there and we haven't stopped to appreciate, because simply, is always there? We don't stop to mind friends, we take for granted they will always be by our side for the same reason the Earth spins around the Sun or the gravitational force exists, because if they wouldn't, there'd only be chaos.
Maybe is only a matter of time, and sooner or later, evolution starts to place everything in its place and points the rationality (main feature of the human being) towards the search of love. Just like, with some time, we have pursued to walk erect, prehensile fingers, speech and some extra human accesories, maybe the heart just need a bit of time to evolve and discover what really matters.
Definitely, is only a matter of time. And when that time passed friends will be the ones left, because, what kind of friend wouldn't wait? But, what about "him? Will he stop his world for us? If the answer is yes, then and only then, he will be the "someone" we're looking for.

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